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Latest African Music Trends and News

African music has seen an exponential surge in popularity over recent years and now stands as an international trend that has made an impactful statement about Africa itself.

Today’s music trends are strongly shaped by modern technology. Now more than ever, sophisticated musicians can reach an audience without needing big label budgets or major label money to do it. Additionally, more platforms and services offering streaming and other monetization options provide African artists an easy opportunity to make money digitally.

With so much new music streaming on platforms such as Spotify, Boomplay and YouTube available to listeners today, digital music is offering opportunities for young artists from across the world to share their unique sounds that will have an indelible mark on culture.

African music has taken off over time due to increasing artist and label deals with top talent on the continent, and major labels like Warner, Universal Music Group, and Sony are working closely with artists from this region in order to help advance their careers.

Warner signed a deal with Nigerian label Mavin Records in 2019, giving Mavin artists such as Ruger and Rema worldwide fame. Their success serves as proof that, with proper protection and nurturing of African music by industry professionals, the world could soon experience another music boom.

Forbes Africa reports that African music is now at the forefront of global musical trends and providing young artists an invaluable way to gain international renown and build international fan bases.

South African musicians have become one of the latest trends, drawing influence from various cultures and musical styles. Amapiano, a genre featuring deep house, log-drum driven basslines, and soulful piano melodies is taking over social feeds globally – it has even become the latest craze on TikTok and other platforms!

Up-and-coming African Artists

Tubidy provides an impressive collection of up-and-coming artists across Africa that will surely meet any musical taste or interest imaginable, be it Afrobeats, Soukous, Kwaito or Arabic pop. Whatever genres might appeal to you most – there’s sure to be someone out there just perfect!

Kenyan shrap pioneer Boutross is one of the biggest names on the African music scene today. His catchy trap-inspired banger ‘Yea Yea Yea’ released in February has made him an international household name; as his fan base grows rapidly worldwide he can look forward to exciting things ahead in 2022!

Tanzanian bongo flava newcomer Zuchu is making waves in the music world, too! Her recent hit single “Sukari” has become a fan-favorite across her region – guaranteed to get people dancing! It is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

Music fans understand the importance of keeping up-to-date on current musical trends, particularly when it comes to African artists. Tubidy makes it possible for you to listen and purchase African releases without cost!

On this platform you’ll find an extensive range of rising African artists such as Temilade Openiyi – best known for her global hits ‘For Broken Ears’ and ‘If Orange Was A Place’.

Asake is another Nigerian artist to keep an eye out for in 2022, as an afrobeats, soukous and kwaito star who has been featured by prominent international acts such as Wizkid, Burna Boy and Justin Bieber. He’s currently working on his debut album and you can expect even more great music from him in 2022!

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African music industry has experienced rapid expansion, with artists releasing hit singles and making breakthroughs both locally and internationally. Yet the industry faces many obstacles; including funding issues for local artists.

As the industry expands, it becomes ever more crucial for musicians to find ways to increase revenue streams. One effective strategy for doing so is digital marketing; another option would be creating a brand identity which represents their local culture and traditions.

Some of Africa’s most well-known artists stand out with an unforgettable voice and powerful messages, drawing fans from all around the world through social media and their concerts. Additionally, many have established relationships with major record labels to release top-selling records.

African music artists serve as an invaluable source of inspiration to musicians everywhere, prompting them to create their own work and support the African music industry in its entirety.

Burna Boy and Tems are leading an exciting musical revival on Africa that is both respectful of its heritage and can compete on an international stage. African musicians’ music holds enormous promise to become popular all around the globe.

Even with its successes, Africa’s music industry still faces many obstacles and hurdles to progress. From inadequate funding and weak infrastructure, to challenges associated with mobile technology and internet usage, many obstacles lie in wait for its development.

African music industry is flourishing and looks set for growth; however, government and private industries need to contribute support in order to help it flourish and succeed. Services like Tubidy are providing essential resources that artists require in order to thrive.

African Artists Reviews

African up-and-coming artists have made strides in the music world recently. South African rapper Lethabo Sebetso, known for his community-focused rap style, released his debut album Sgubhu Ses Excellent to excellent reviews in 2020.

Tanzanian pop star Vanessa Mdee has become an immensely popular artist across East Africa and beyond since her music first surfaced. Since its release in 2017, “That’s For Me” has become an anthem at club parties worldwide.

Nigerian musician Davido Adelekeis is another African musician making waves in the music industry, thanks to the widespread appeal of his song “Demi Duro.” Since its release in 2012, Adelekeis has amassed a net worth of more than 19 Million USD – an impressive achievement considering that only his debut studio album came out.

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