Top Tiwa Savage Albums Showcasing the Queen of Afrobeats’ Vocal Mastery

As one of the biggest stars in afrobeats, Tiwa Savage has captivated fans worldwide with her powerhouse vocals, relatable songwriting, and dynamic stage presence. Often referred to as the “Queen of Afrobeats”, the Nigerian singer has built an acclaimed discography over her decade-plus career. She’s also become a global ambassador for the genre.

Tiwa’s talent and versatility as a vocalist shine through whether she’s delivering sultry R&B tunes, uptempo afropop anthems, or vulnerable ballads. Let’s explore her stellar catalogue to date and the key albums that showcase her vocal prowess.

Once Upon a Time (2013) – A Confident Debut

After contributing to hit projects as a songwriter and backup vocalist, Tiwa Savage made her full-fledged solo debut with 2013’s ‘Once Upon a Time.’ Right away, the album announced her as a force with an assured mix of various afrobeats styles and R&B. Tracks like “Eminado” and “Olorun Mi” became instant hits thanks to her smooth and sassy vocal delivery gliding atop trendy production.

But beyond the uptempos, Tiwa also stunned with vulnerable moments like the drum-heavy ballad “Without My Heart.” Throughout the LP, her stellar mid-range tone shined both on melodic hooks and rhythmic verses. Overall, ‘Once Upon a Time’ marked a confident first statement showcasing both her songwriting chops and vocal control.

R.E.D (2015) – Amplifying the Range

Two years later, Tiwa returned with her sophmore effort ‘R.E.D’ further amplifying the range and emotion of her voice. The LP found her settling into maturity as she blended afro-pop with soulful R&B cuts. Singles like “My Darlin'” and “African Waist” became signature hits carried by her rich and rhythmic vocals. :   Top 18 Juice WRLD Hit Songs Loved by Fans in South Africa

But it’s tracks like “Rewind” and the Paul Play Dairo cover “Folarin” where Tiwa’s technical skill stood out. She played with multi-part harmonies and vocal acrobatics, hitting high notes with ease and alternating between headvoice and chest voice. With diverse songwriting and production, ‘R.E.D’ marked a new vocal benchmark for the afrobeats queen.

Sugarcane (2017) – A Crossover Milestone

After gaining exposure with international collaborations, Tiwa entered a new level of cross-cultural stardom with her 2017 EP ‘Sugarcane.’ She embraced a crisper pop-R&B fusion sound while working with producers like Babyface.

Tracks like “All Over” and “Sugarcane Baby” became viral moments thanks to Tiwa’s instincts for catchy pop melodies and hooks. But it’s on the Babyface-penned “Standing Ovation” where fans were blown away by her belting and ad-libs that rival Beyonce. Throughout the EP, Tiwa also frequently tapped into her sultry lower register and displayed her trademark harmonies. ‘Sugarcane’ proved she could capture a global pop audience without losing what makes her voice uniquely soulful.

Celia (2020) – A Defiant Return

After a few turbulent years including losing her Mavin Records deal, Tiwa regained control over her career with her 2020 album ‘Celia.’ Named after her mother, it found Tiwa fiercely defiant and vocally as strong as ever. She blended afrobeats with reggae, R&B, pop, and Afrohouse for a diverse sonic experience.

Tracks like “Attention” and “Koroba” became body-rolling anthems driven by her rhythmic hooks and verses. Meanwhile, vulnerable songs like “Oleh” and “Dangerous Love” allowed her to layer evocative harmonies and blend her upper and lower registers. On the Reggae-tinged “Temptation” featuring Sam Smith, she also showed uncanny chemistry dueting with a global pop superstar. Overall, ‘Celia’ found Tiwa reclaiming her throne with versatile vocals. :   Best New African Artists to Watch in 2024: The Future of Music is Here

Water and Garri (2022) – Leveling Up

Tiwa’s most recent album ‘Water and Garri’ may be her most impactful yet as she leveled up her vocal delivery and songwriting. Singles like “Somebody’s Son” featuring Brandy fused her signature afrobeats vocals with old-school R&B. On the sensual standout “Tales by Moonlight,” Tiwa’s voice oozes through languid verses before erupting in ecstasy on the chorus.

She also shows off impressive new colors with the spiteful afropop kiss-off “Rainbow” and on the vulnerable soul-tinged ballad “My African Baby.” Across the LP, Tiwa employs more complex cadences and vocal textures that mark a new chapter for the afrobeats icon. With versatile production and world-class collaborators supporting her, ‘Water and Garri’ cements Tiwa as a consummate contemporary vocalist.

Key Takeaways

Through a decade at afrobeats’ forefront, Tiwa Savage has repeatedly shown herself to be a dynamic vocal talent capable of dominating various sounds. From sassy pop anthems to vulnerable R&B, her expansive range allows her to adapt her register and tone to any song.

Albums like ‘Once Upon a Time’ and ‘R.E.D’ established her as a unique voice blending western R&B styles with afropop. Her crossover EP ‘Sugarcane’ then provided a global platform for her vocal skills.

After regrouping with ‘Celia’, Tiwa recently reached new heights on ‘Water and Garri’, incorporating fresh flows and complex vocal arrangements. Time and again, she’s proven adept at melodic hooks, sensual low notes, and astonishing belting.

As the “Queen of Afrobeats” continues to expand her musical horizons, there’s no doubt Tiwa Savage’s powerhouse vocals will remain the backbone of her success. Each new album adds to her still rising stature as an influential voice shaping the global pop landscape. :   Top 5 Rising African Music Stars You Need to Hear Now