Top Gyakie Albums Ghana Singer Showcase Her Vocal Talents

Gyakie has quickly become one of the most popular Afrobeats artists to emerge from Ghana in recent years. Since debuting in 2019, she has released several EPs and singles that highlight her incredible vocal talents. Gyakie’s music often blends Afrobeats, highlife, and dancehall influences into captivating songs about love, relationships and having fun.

From feel-good party anthems to vulnerable ballads, Gyakie’s versatile discography displays her ability to excel in different musical styles. While she has yet to release a full studio album, the 25-year-old singer already has an impressive catalog of EPs and singles that showcase her artistry. Here is a look at the best Gyakie albums so far.

Seed – EP

In August 2019, Gyakie made her official debut with the release of her first EP, Seed. The five-track project introduced listeners to Gyakie’s uplifting sound and established her as an exciting new voice in Ghanaian music. It was led by the breakout hit single “Love is Pretty,” an energetic afrobeats song about falling head over heels in love.

With its infectious guitar riffs and Gyakie’s sweet, sincere vocals, “Love is Pretty” became a staple on Ghanaian radio. Other highlights from Seed include “Sor Mi Wu,” featuring fast-paced percussion and rapid vocal delivery from Gyakie, and “Never Like This,” a reggae-tinged track that shows off her vocal range. Overall, Seed announced the arrival of a talented singer able to blend multiple genres.

Forever (Remix)

In 2020, Gyakie released a remix of her popular song “Forever” from the Seed EP. While the original was a stripped-down ballad, the remix features upbeat afrobeats production turning “Forever” into an infectious dance track. Driven by pulsating rhythms and catchy vocal hooks, the “Forever” remix became one of Gyakie’s biggest hits in Ghana. :   Top 10 Female Amapiano Artists from South Africa Ruling the Charts in 2024

The song’s themes of devotion and promising eternal love resonated widely. And Gyakie’s melodic vocals shine on the remix as she professes her unwavering affections. The success of the “Forever” remix demonstrates Gyakie’s versatility and ability to transform her sound into something fresh and current.

Need Me – EP

In May 2021, Gyakie returned with her sophomore EP Need Me. Expanding on the styles and themes of her debut, Need Me finds Gyakie’s songwriting growing in maturity as she explores the nuances of relationships. The EP’s title track made waves across Africa for its melodic hook and trendy afro-dancehall production.

Gyakie confidently expresses self-reliance and determination on “Need Me,” serving as an anthem of empowerment. Other cuts like “Whine” and “Moments” flip between playful and poetic as Gyakie displays romantic vulnerability. Meanwhile, songs like “Nana Nyame” incorporate more of her Ghanaian heritage into the music. Balancing various moods and genres, Need Me shows Gyakie leveling up both her sound and lyrics.

Something – Single

While EPs help display Gyakie’s range, she has also released several popular standalone singles between projects. This includes the 2021 afropop track “Something.” Built on bouncy rhythms and twitchy synths, “Something” finds Gyakie seeking commitment in a casual relationship. Her smooth vocals glide effortlessly over the beat as she asks for more consistency and affection from her partner.

Released outside of an EP or album cycle, “Something” demonstrates Gyakie’s ability to craft a catchy, standalone hit. The single later appeared on her debut album, but already had made an impact on African radio on its own. Like many of her songs, “Something” succeeds through a combination of Gyakie’s melodic vocals and knack for relatable songwriting. :   Lady Gaga Awesome All Time American singer Top Song in 2024

Key Takeaways

Though still early in her career, Gyakie has already assembled an impressive catalog of EPs and singles that showcase her versatility as a vocalist, songwriter, and performer. From the breakout Seed EP to the more mature sound of Need Me, Gyakie’s music encapsulates different styles and themes. Fan favorites like “Forever,” “Love is Pretty,” and “Something” display her universal appeal.

With her talent and work ethic, Gyakie has quickly become a leading contemporary Afrobeats artist. And with her skills continuing to progress, fans can expect even more dynamic sounds and captivating songs as her career unfolds. For now, her current EPs and singles rank among the best Gyakie albums for properly introducing her talents.