Top 10 Female Amapiano Artists from South Africa Ruling the Charts in 2024

Amapiano, the distinctive house music style that emerged from South Africa, has rapidly gained popularity across the world. While male artists have largely dominated the Amapiano scene, 2024 is witnessing several gifted female musicians leaving their mark through soulful vocals, skillful productions and catchy hits.

Let’s look at 10 of the biggest female artists leading the Amapiano movement in South Africa as per Tubidy right now:

1. Kamo Mphela

One of the most recognizable faces of the Amapiano scene is dancer and vocalist Kamo Mphela. The 23-year-old from Pretoria has been creating Amapiano Storm since 2018 through her dance videos and lively stage presence.

Kamo’s songs like “Nkulunkulu”, “Sbuda Sbuda” and “iPiano Ibiza” effortlessly fuse Amapiano synths with Zulu vocals. Having performed at Global Citizen and on television shows, Kamo Mphela represents the youthful energy driving the Amapiano craze.

2. DBN Gogo

As a DJ and producer, DBN Gogo is a pioneer of the Amapiano movement, renowned for crafting perfect grooves. The Soweto-born artist has helped popularize the genre through her residency on South Africa’s largest urban station YFM and sets at international clubs.

DBN Gogo’s production style smartly blends jazz and deep house elements into signature Amapiano sounds. Her tracks like “French Kiss” and “Khuza Gogo” never fail to light up the dancefloor. DBN Gogo stands at the forefront of spreading Amapiano beats worldwide. :   Top Tiwa Savage Albums Showcasing the Queen of Afrobeats' Vocal Mastery

3. Lady Du

Lady Du has smoothly navigated from being a vocalist to a producer-DJ while championing female artists in Amapiano. The charismatic musician from Soweto first found fame through singing but became passionate about learning mixing and production techniques.

As her production skills honed, Lady Du translated her soulful songwriting into making groovy, mellow Amapiano tracks like “Sunday Chill” and “Ndabezitha”. Lady Du also hosts the YouTube podcast ‘Amapiano Sessions’ spotlighting talents.

4. Focalistic

/FOCALISTIC has rapidly emerged as the breakout Amapiano star with his original style fusing rap, soul and the genre’s rhythms. Tracks like “Ke Star” and “Asibe Happy” display the 25-year-old Pretoria native’s penchant for catchy hooks and clever lyrics.

FOCALISTIC’s debut album ‘Quarantined Tarantino’ showcased his ability to collaborate across genres, featuring House producers and Afrobeats artists. His individually expressive take on Amapiano has made FOCALISTIC one of the most sought-after hitmakers.

5. Sha Sha

Originally from Zimbabwe, Sha Sha moved to South Africa as a child and found her calling in music. After initial exposure through singing competitions, she broke out with her 2019 hit single “Tender Love” fusing Amapiano and R&B.

Known as the ‘Amapiano queen’, Sha Sha’s soulful, vibrant vocals instantly captivate audiences. Songs like “Woza” and “Themba Lami” reveal her talent for writing relatable lyrics over groovy instrumentals. At just 25, Sha Sha is undoubtedly taking the Amapiano scene by storm.

6. Boohle

Boohle is recognised as one of the OG female vocalists who shaped the early Amapiano sound. Since 2017, the Soweto singer has dished out hit after hit blending her smooth voice with mellow piano melodies. :   Top Ayra Starr Songs and Albums That Showcase Her Vocal Prowess

Boohle’s breakout tracks include “Mama Wami”, “Siyathandana” and “Angikwesabi” among numerous others. Her former background in choral music manifests in the heavenly vocals and adlibs elevating Amapiano tracks. Now in her late 20s, Boohle retains her status as an original Amapiano diva.

7. De Mthuda

At just 20 years old, De Mthuda is a rapidly rising female DJ making her mark on the Amapiano scene. She began Deejaying as a teenager in South Africa’s dance clubs before branching into music production.

De Mthuda’s tracks like “Shesha Geza” and “Durban To Jozi” are instant earworms blending vernacular lyrics, jazzy piano melodies and bouncing percussion. Her skillful mixing has already snagged De Mthuda guest DJ spots at major events.

8. Kamo Manje

Hailing from the township of Alexandra, Kamo Manje translates her youthful spirit into bubbly Amapiano productions. She fell in love with musical performance as a dancer before focusing on honing her vocal and mixing skills.

At just 21 years old, Kamo Manje delivers feel-good songs like “Asibe Happy” Celebrating SA’s youth culture through her lyrics. Having built a strong fanbase through social media releases, Kamo Manje is set for bigger stages.

9. LaSauce

LaSauce brings a flair for multilingual wordplay to the Amapiano scene. The alternative R&B singer from Cape Town first cut her teeth performing at poetry events in her native Xhosa and English.

In recent years, LaSauce’s talents have shone through tracks like “Frame” and “Destiny” fusing soulful singing with mellow Amapiano rhythms. Still in her early 20s, LaSauce’s music reflects her diverse influences ranging from hip-hop to house. :   Top 18 Juice WRLD Hit Songs Loved by Fans in South Africa

10. Kamo Lady

Rounding off the list is rising vocalist Kamo Lady who delivers youthful swagger through her Amapiano hits. The Soweto artist grew up dancing and developed a passion for musical storytelling from a young age.

Kamo Lady’s songs like “Mali Mnandi” effortlessly combine catchy hooks with the classic Amapiano piano and kick patterns. Having dropped her well-received debut EP in 2021, the future looks bright for the 25-year-old Amapiano songstress.

The music scene in South Africa continues to foster incredible female talents pushing Amapiano sounds globally. These young artists are paving the way for more women producers, DJs and musicians to thrive in the genre. With their distinct styles and undeniable skills, these 10 Amapiano ladies are definitely worth watching out for as they spread their wings and expand their influence.