Top Ayra Starr Songs and Albums That Showcase Her Vocal Prowess

Ayra Starr burst onto the music scene in 2020 with her hit single “Away” and has quickly established herself as one of the most exciting new voices in afrobeats. At just 19 years old, the Nigerian singer-songwriter has already shown immense talent as both a vocalist and hitmaker. In a short time, she has dropped two acclaimed projects – the ’19 & Dangerous’ and ’19 & Dangerous Deluxe’ albums – featuring some of her biggest singles so far.

For those not yet familiar with Ayra’s music, her discography offers the perfect introduction to her infectious sound that fuses afrobeats, R&B, and pop. Let’s take a deeper look at some of Ayra Starr’s top songs and albums that showcase the range and quality of her vocals.

“Away” – The Breakout Hit

While Ayra had a few songs out already, it was “Away” in 2020 that first shot her to stardom across Nigeria and the afrobeats scene globally. The midtempo afropop track highlights her stellar vocal control as she belts through catchy hooks and switches effortlessly between her head voice and rich lower register.

Lyrically, “Away” finds Ayra moving on from a troublesome relationship, but the stomping beat and her smooth vocal runs transform the song into an anthem of freedom and self-love. It’s no wonder the track became both a critical and commercial success, signaling the arrival of an undeniable new talent. :   Jennifer Lopez's Top Song in 2024

19 & Dangerous – A Confident Debut Album

Riding the momentum from “Away” and follow-up singles like “BMT” and “Damn”, Ayra unveiled her debut album ’19 & Dangerous’ in 2021. Living up to its name, the album captures a confident Ayra determined to make her mark atop infectious afro-fusion production.

Songs like “Sare”, which mixes English and Yoruba lyrics, showcase the range of her vocal dexterity as she breezes through catchy hooks, sudden shifts in melody, and rapid-fire deliveries. The attitude in her voice also shines through on the assertive “BMT” and “Damn”, where her tone veers from honeyed croons to fierce adlibs punctuating each line.

But it’s not all uptempo bangers. On slower tracks like “Ija” and “Toxic”, Ayra flexes her versatility by layering smooth harmonies and floating lovely high notes that linger. Overall, ’19 & Dangerous’ announced Ayra Starr as a consummate vocalist who can command any afrobeats sound.

“Bloody Samaritan” – A Haunting Ballad

While best known for her afrobeats output, Ayra’s talent truly shines through on the achingly beautiful ballad “Bloody Samaritan.” Her tone is intimate but expansive, alternating between a delicate falsetto and striking belts that pack an emotional gut punch.

Thematically, “Bloody Samaritan” finds Ayra lamenting a lover’s wrongdoings, but the hurt and frustration in her voice gives the song a haunting, immersive quality. When Ayra hits a stunning high note on the line “you’re still a bloody samaritan”, it’s a masterclass in control and delivery. This song proved Ayra can apply her vocals to any genre and make you feel every word.

19 & Dangerous Deluxe – Leveling Up

Barely half a year after her first album, Ayra followed up with the ’19 & Dangerous Deluxe’ album in 2021. The project builds on her debut’s success by expanding her sonic palette. Buoyed by additional collaborations, it features some of her most infectious recordings yet. :   Top Libianca Albums Showcasing Her Soulful Reggae Sound

Standouts include “Rush” with American rapper BNXN, where Ayra’s lilting vocals dance over throbbing afrofusion production. On the poppier “Fashion Killer”, she seamlessly switches between rapid verses and an addictive sung chorus. The album’s deluxe tracks also showcase more romantic R&B cuts like “Memories” and “Sabi”, flaunting her vocal texture and harmonies.

Across the board, ’19 & Dangerous Deluxe’ finds a more assured and well-rounded Ayra leveling up her talents. Her voice has become an instrument she can bend at will across genres – from pop to afrobeats to soulful R&B.

Featured Performances: “Bloody Samaritan” and “Big FU”

A sign of any rising talent is their ability to hold their own on features – and Ayra has already proven to be a sought-after collaborator. She was tapped to lend her instantly recognizable voice to remixes of hits like Skip Marley’s “Jane” and Leigh-Anne’s “My Love.”

But it was Ayra’s show-stopping contributions to two crossover collaborations that displayed her vocal mastery:

On the remix of her own breakout “Bloody Samaritan”, Ayra matches American singer Pink Sweat$ note-for-note as they scale vocal heights together. She later teamed up with David Guetta and Lil Durk for the throbbing dance track “Big FU.” Her fiery a capella intro and verse contributions left a huge impression.

These key features have shown how seamlessly Ayra’s voice can complement a variety of global artists while still retaining her unique flair.

Live Performances: Matching the Studio Recordings

One key hallmark of a stellar singer is their ability to pull off studio-quality vocals in a live setting. While still early in her career, Ayra has already proven she can regularly match – if not outdo! – her recorded tracks when performing live. :   Best New African Artists to Watch in 2024: The Future of Music is Here

Clips of her concerts reveal a vocal athlete able to belt out hits like “Away” and “Bloody Samaritan” with full force and control. Fans also praise her ingenuity for adding new adlibs, riffs, and vocal layers that make the live versions feel fresh.

As Ayra grows into her abilities and confidence as a stage performer, her live vocals can only get stronger. But already, her natural vocal prowess allows her recordings to seamlessly translate in concert.

Key Takeaways

In just two short years, 19-year-old Ayra Starr has marked herself as a breakout talent in afrobeats and a vocalist to watch. Early singles like “Away” displayed her dynamism, versatility, and mastery of catchy melodies.

Her debut album ’19 & Dangerous’ and follow-up deluxe edition built on that momentum, proving her voice can shine across styles from uptempo pop and afrobeats to vulnerable R&B ballads. Standout tracks like “Bloody Samaritan” and “Rush” have highlighted her incredible range.

Collaborations with the likes of Pink Sweat$, David Guetta, and Lil Durk have also showcased her ability to complement a variety of artists and genres. So too have her live performances, where Ayra regularly matches her studio recordings note-for-note.

At just the start of her career, the Nigerian phenom has already proven herself a world-class vocal talent. With her poise, developing versatility, and knack for infectious melodies, Ayra Starr appears on track to become a global afrobeats superstar. There is no doubt we’ll be hearing her impressive voice for many more hit songs and albums to come.