Top 18 Juice WRLD Hit Songs Loved by Fans in South Africa

Juice WRLD cemented his place as one of the most talented young rappers before his tragic passing in 2019 at just 21 years old. Although his career was short, Juice WRLD left behind a rich musical legacy with his unique melodic rap style. His tracks effortlessly blended genres like hip hop, emo rap, pop and rock.

Juice WRLD gained popularity across the world, including a dedicated fanbase in South Africa. Let’s explore with tubidy, his 18 biggest hits that have won over South African audiences:

1. Lucid Dreams

The track that propelled Juice WRLD to stardom, “Lucid Dreams” has an unforgettable melody slicing through its guitar-fuelled production. Juice WRLD laments about lost love in the brutally honest lyrics. “Lucid Dreams” spent over a year on South Africa’s charts after its 2018 release.

2. All Girls Are The Same

Also from Juice WRLD’s breakout mixtape ‘Goodbye & Good Riddoms’, “All Girls Are The Same” is another heartbreak anthem brimming with emotion. The rap-sung track resonated with South African fans through its catchy chorus and relatable themes.

3. Robbery

“Robbery” off 2019’s ‘Death Race to Love’ album features Juice WRLD’s talent for candid storytelling about relationship troubles and inner turmoil. South African audiences connected deeply with the unfiltered vulnerability on this hit. :   Top 10 Female Amapiano Artists from South Africa Ruling the Charts in 2024

4. Wishing Well

Released posthumously in 2020, “Wishing Well” contains quintessential Juice WRLD elements – free-flowing melodic vocals, emo-inspired lyrics and a hypnotic rhythm. The track’s themes about substance abuse also found resonance in South Africa.

5. Come & Go (with Marshmello)

This mellow, melancholic collaboration with Marshmello became one of Juice WRLD’s biggest crossover hits in South Africa. “Come & Go” blends the rapper’s lovelorn lyrics with Marshmello’s signature electronic production for wide appeal.

6. Righteous

From 2020’s ‘Legends Never Die’ album, “Righteous” stood out to South African listeners through its reflective lyrics about staying on a positive path. The inspiring themes resonated powerfully after Juice WRLD’s passing.

7. Lean Wit Me

One of Juice WRLD’s first Soundcloud releases, “Lean Wit Me” contains autobiographical lyrics touching on addiction. The 2018 track’s emotional delivery and echoing production made it a breakthrough moment.

8. Empty

Co-written with Ellie Goulding, this 2018 pop-rap gem “Empty” showed Juice WRLD’s range. The bubbly trap beat and catchy chorus gave the breakup song mass appeal in South Africa beyond just hip hop fans.

9. Black & White

“Black & White” appears on Juice WRLD’s posthumous album ‘Fighting Demons’. The melodic flow and electronic influences on this 2022 song highlight Juice WRLD’s genre-bending artistry that South African audiences admire.

10. Hear Me Calling

From ‘Death Race for Love’, “Hear Me Calling” stood out in Juice WRLD’s catalogue to South African fans through its rock-tinged production. The distorted guitars suit the anguished lyrics exploring complex relationship emotions.

11. Legends

Released in 2020 after his death, “Legends” contains some of Juice WRLD’s most poignant lyrics about loneliness and mortality. South African listeners were moved by the track’s heartfelt observations about fame and life’s bleak realities. :   Shawn Mendes's Top Songs in 2024

12. Rich And Blind

This 2018 collab with Young Thug blended Juice WRLD’s singing with Thug’s lively rapping for an infectious trap-rap banger. “Rich and Blind” became a South African favourite for its quotable lyrics and irreverent energy.

13. Fast

Appearing on ‘Legends Never Die’, “Fast” stood out in Juice WRLD’s discography for South Africans through its exhilarating beat and lyrics about living life in the fast lane. Released in 2020, the track reflected his rockstar persona.

14. Bandit (with Youngboy Never Broke Again)

“Bandit” saw Juice WRLD team up with rap phenom Youngboy NBA for this 2018 lyrical showcase. Their back-and-forth chemistry on the moody trap beat captivated South African rap fans.

15. Make Believe

This melodic track from Juice WRLD’s debut 2018 mixtape oozes raw emotion in its lyrics about being self-destructive in relationships. “Make Believe” displayed the candour that would make him a star.

16. Titanic

South African audiences loved the clever pop culture references and vivid storytelling on this 2018 metaphor-filled track “Titanic”. Juice WRLD’s nimble rapping about a doomed relationship enthralled fans.

17. Fine China

“Fine China” appears on Juice WRLD’s posthumous album ‘Fighting Demons’, treating fans to his playful melodic flow. Released in 2022, the track’s production blended hip hop, pop and guitar riffs into an infectious sound.

18. Roses (with Brendon Urie)

On this pop-punk inflected 2021 single, Juice WRLD teamed up with Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie for an exhilarating genre blend. The emo-inspired lyrics also captivated South African pop and rock listeners.

Though his catalogue was relatively small, Juice WRLD’s prolific talent shone through these 18 hits along with many album deep cuts. His heart-on-sleeve vulnerability connected with South African fans who will continue bumping these tracks for years to come. Juice WRLD undoubtedly left behind an impressive musical legacy at just 21 years of age. :   Tyla Seethal : Top Celebrate Albums

Highlights about Juice WRLD’s popularity in South Africa:

  • Multiple songs have ranked at #1 on South Africa’s Apple Music charts, including “Lucid Dreams” and “All Girls are the Same”.
  • His music videos routinely trend among YouTube’s top music videos in South Africa, attracting millions of views.
  • Juice WRLD’s monthly listeners on Spotify currently stand at over 900,000 in South Africa, highlighting his widespread appeal.
  • Songs like “Robbery” and “Righteous” entered rotation on South African pop and hip hop radio stations.
  • His track “Come & Go” with Marshmello topped pop radio airplay charts in South Africa for weeks.
  • Juice WRLD’s albums have entered the top 5 of Apple Music’s hip hop/rap charts in South Africa.
  • He attracted sizeable crowds for his performances in South Africa on his 2019 Australasian tour.
  • After Juice WRLD’s death, fans paid tribute on South African social media and radio call-in shows.
  • Local South African artists have cited Juice WRLD as an influence and inspiration.

Clearly, Juice WRLD’s incredible talent struck a chord across borders, endearing him to audiences far beyond his native USA. His vulnerable artistry transcended genres, allowing South African fans across the musical spectrum to connect deeply with tracks off his small but mighty discography. Juice WRLD may be gone, but his music continues inspiring listeners worldwide.