Top 18 Most Popular Cocosa Songs Ruling the Charts in 2024

Cocosa is one of the fastest rising music producers and DJs leading the Amapiano scene worldwide right now. The South African artist has quickly built a stellar discography of hit songs that get people dancing.

Let’s explore with Tubidy, 18 of Cocosa’s most popular and best tracks that have been ruling the music charts in 2023.

1. No Stylist

Kicking off the list is the runaway hit “No Stylist” featuring Busiswa & DJ Tanto. Released in 2021, this upbeat banger highlights Cocosa’s production skills through its catchy piano riff and thumping percussion. Busiswa’s commanding vocals and the self-assured lyrics cement its status as a dancefloor anthem.

2. Forever

“Forever” is a feel-good love song from 2022 where Cocosa’s production provides a soulful, mellow backbone to Sha Sha’s silky vocals. The organic instrumentation and sentimental lyrics about finding true love make “Forever” an addictive listen.

3. Uthando

Cocosa tapped songstress Boohle for the 2022 release “Uthando”. The track beautifully meshes Amapiano synth patterns with Boohle’s yearning vocals singing about entrancing love. An emotion-packed saxophone solo lifts the vibe even higher.

4. Napo

“Napo” featuring DJ Tanto is an Amapiano scorcher from 2021 that showcases Cocosa’s versatility. The high-energy percussion and rattling keys make “Napo” impossible not to dance to. Its repetitive lyrics and catchy vocals hook instantly. :   Top Ayra Starr Songs and Albums That Showcase Her Vocal Prowess

5. Ngixolele

On 2022’s “Ngixolele”, Cocosa infuses deep house with mellowed-out Amapiano for an intoxicating effect. Qwestakufet’s delicate vocals offer sincere-sounding apologies over lush electric piano melodies.

6. Umuzi Wethu

The celebratory track “Umuzi Wethu” lets Cocosa’s production talents shine through the rolling piano line and conga drums building a jazzy Amapiano vibe. Focalistic’s lyrics about family and heritage lift the track further.

7. Ubumnandi

Soulful performer Kamo Lady joins Cocosa on the 2022 hit “Ubumnandi” bringing her honeyed vocals to the feel-good production. With a vibe that combines jazz and electronic elements, this song makes for effortless listening.

8. Bambelela

On this motivational 2021 anthem, Cocosa crafted a rhythmic backdrop with rich piano chords and thumping bass for DBN Gogo’s vocals. As a self-confidence booster, “Bambelela” will lift any mood.

9. Flight Mode

“Flight Mode” from 2022 finds Cocosa in classic Amapiano form – the swaggering beat rides on oscillating keys and a rolling bassline. Focalistic and Tyler ICU deliver boastful verses suited to the dark, moody production.

10. Kwenzenjani

For 2021 single “Kwenzenjani”, Cocosa surrounded Kabza de Small’s deep vocals with bright piano melodies and fluttering synths. The seamless blend creates a laid-back, soothing Amapiano gem.

11. Woza

On the sultry “Woza”, Cocosa complements Sha Sha’s bold, attitude-filled lyrics with a rhythmic afro-house production. The track’s deep bassline and percussive drive make it impossible to resist dancing along.

12. Ndakwiya

“Ndakwiya” sees Cocosa team up with popular rapper Blxckie for a street-savvy 2022 release. The production backs Blxckie’s assertive flow with distorted bass and a warping synth arrangement for a dark, engaging listen. :   Top 18 Tyga Hit Songs Ruling Music Charts in South Africa

13. Umsebenzi Wethu

Cocosa enlisted Amapiano sensation Busta 929 and Ma-E for the motivational anthem “Umsebenzi Wethu” in 2021. The uplifting message to keep hustling rides on a mellow piano-centric instrumental blending soul and electronic sounds.

14. Finish Line

On 2022 single “Finish Line”, Cocosa crafts an atmospheric Amapiano backdrop using echoing synth chords and crisp percussion for Focalistic’s introspective verses. The track’s laidback vibe pairs nicely with its resilient themes.

15. Amanikiniki

For Miano and Semi Tee’s party starter “Amanikiniki”, Cocosa created a rhythmic production with drums and bass forming the foundation for the exhilarating piano solos. Released in 2021, the track is pure vibes.

16. Izolo

Cocosa puts a unique spin on Amapiano for the 2022 single “Izolo” featuring Sir Trill. Tribal drums, warped vocal samples and trance-like synths create a psychedelic effect complementing the lyrics about staying rooted amidst success.

17. Bhutiza

On the 2022 sleeper hit “Bhutiza”, Cocosa builds a minimalist production pierced by groovy keys and shuffling drums for DBN Gogo’s melodic verses. The result is an intimate, midnight-vibe type of track.

18. Catalia

Rounding off the list is the smooth melodic house track “Catalia” from 2022 with Cocosa letting Tycho Nightingale’s feathery vocals soar over bright piano lines. The glossy upbeat sound makes it a feel-good standout.

With her versatility and dedication to her craft, Cocosa has shaped into a premier name in the global Amapiano scene. As she continues honing her lively, distinctive production style, we can expect many more dancefloor scorchers from Cocosa to soundtrack parties worldwide.