Top 18 Tyga Hit Songs Ruling Music Charts in South Africa

Tyga is one of the most prominent American rappers who has cultivated a dedicated fanbase in South Africa with his party-starting tracks. Ever since emerging in the late 2000s, Tyga has consistently delivered hot singles blending rap, R&B, pop and electronic influences into his own infectious West Coast style.

With Tubidy, Let’s explore Tyga’s 18 biggest hits that continue to dominate music charts and airwaves all over South Africa:

1. Taste (feat. Offset)

This 2018 strip club anthem “Taste” became Tyga’s first #1 in South Africa, thanks to its minimal production and flirty lyrics. The track’s extended chart run proved Tyga could deliver a radio-friendly rap/pop crossover smash.

2. Swish

Appearing on Tyga’s 2017 album ‘BitchImTheShit2’, trap-flavored track “Swish” caught fire in South Africa for its quotable lyrics and swaggering delivery from Tyga. To this day, it remains a fixture of parties and club nights.

3. Ayo (feat. Chris Brown)

Tyga joined forces with Chris Brown for this feel-good 2015 single “Ayo” which lit up South African charts. Its laidback beat and singalong chorus made it an easy crossover hit beyond just hip hop audiences. :   Lady Gaga Awesome All Time American singer Top Song in 2024

4. Lightskin Lil Wayne

Released in 2022, this track “Lightskin Lil Wayne” spawned a viral dance challenge on social media, boosting its popularity across South Africa. Tyga’s inventive flow and braggy lyrics helped the song dominate on streaming.

5. Girls Have Fun (with G-Eazy & Rich The Kid)

Tyga recruited rapper friends G-Eazy and Rich The Kid for this party-all-night 2018 collaboration “Girls Have Fun”. The track became a staple on South African radio playlists thanks to its celebratory lyrics and shuffling rhythm.

6. Dip (feat. Nicki Minaj)

Female rap icon Nicki Minaj pairing up with Tyga in 2015 for flirty hit “Dip” was a definitive moment in both their careers. The track topped South African hip hop charts through its playful beat and memorable guest verse from Minaj.

7. Still Got It (with Drake)

Tyga joined forces with one of the biggest rappers on the planet—Drake—for this 2018 banger “Still Got It”, which kept dancefloors packed across South Africa all year long. The silky production and clever wordplay captivated listeners even beyond just Tyga and Drake’s fanbases.

8. Hookah

2014 strip club ode “Hookah” stands out in Tyga’s discography as an early South African chart topper. Young Thug added his eccentric guest verse to the woozy banger that helped elevate Tyga’s stardom globally.

9. Faded (feat. Lil Wayne)

Tyga brought out a legendary guest verse from mentor Lil Wayne on this 2012 party starter “Faded”. Their back-and-forth lyrics and interplay over the hazy beat became etched into South Africa’s hip hop history.

10. Make It Work

Appearing on his 2022 album ‘Sin City’, slick earworm “Make It Work” highlighted Tyga’s talent for crafting catchy pop-leaning tracks. South African audiences immediately gravitated to its laidback summery beat. :   Tyla Seethal : Top Celebrate Albums

11. Money Mouf (with Saweetie)

Tyga and female rapper Saweetie brought opulent energy to their 2021 collaboration “Money Mouf”. The track interpolated Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl” for a unique beat that ruled airwaves from South Africa to the US.

12. Bubbles (feat. YG)

West Coast comrade YG assisted Tyga on stripped-back 2014 party smash “Bubbles”. Tyga’s inventive flows complemented YG’s hard-hitting verse, blending into a hit that soundtracked South African kickbacks for months.

13. Ibiza

Transportive 2019 track “Ibiza” stands out in Tyga’s catalogue for its mellow house-inspired production letting his nimble rhymes shine. The Ibiza namedrop resonated with South African audiences dreaming of an overseas vacation.

14. Bouncin’

Tyga kept the party going well into 2020 with undeniable banger “Bouncin’” from album ‘Legendary’. Its EDM-trap crossover sound was expertly timed, dominating South African charts even during the COVID pandemic.

15. Ay Macarena

Viral hit “Ay Macarena” kickstarted Tyga’s 2022 comeback, interpolating “Macarena” for a fresh hip hop flip. Tyga embraced humor in the lyrics and beat that instantly won over South African listeners.

16. Haute (with J Balvin & Chris Brown)

For this star-studded 2021 single “Haute”, Tyga assembled Latin superstar J Balvin and R&B icon Chris Brown. The globetrotting track blended reggaeton, electronic and rap over a slick beat that enraptured South African audiences.

17. Go Loko (with YG, Jon Z & Offset)

“Go Loko” saw Tyga bring together West Coast pals YG, Jon Z and Offset of Migos for an all-star 2019 posse cut. The track dominated every kind of party from Los Angeles to Johannesburg with its boisterous vibe. :   Shakira's Top Song in 2024

18. Rack City

No Tyga list would be complete without 2011 breakout smash “Rack City” that first put him on the map. Its stripped-down sound helped Tyga carve his own lane that’s been influential for a decade. The track still gets replayed heavily across South Africa.

With his savvy ear for trends and consistently entertaining music videos, Tyga has honed hitmaking into an artform. The 18 songs above merely scratch the surface of his extensive catalogue beloved by South African listeners. As Tyga continues dropping new music in 2023, we can expect more cuts to get added to this definitive list of hits.

Key fact about Tyga’s popularity in South Africa:

  • Tyga has scored multiple #1 singles on iTunes in South Africa, including “Taste” and “Ayo”.
  • He has surpassed 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify in South Africa.
  • Songs like “Rack City” and “Faded” appeared on 5FM and Metro FM’s rotation of hip hop tracks.
  • Multiple music videos have passed 10 million YouTube views in South Africa alone.
  • Tyga performed to packed crowds on his South African tour dates in 2013 and 2017.
  • His 2018 album ‘Kyoto’ reached #2 on South Africa’s Apple Music Hip Hop/Rap chart.
  • Radio DJs often remix and blend Tyga’s hits into house sets.
  • South African rappers frequently cite him as an influence.
  • Tyga has collaborated with SA artists like Nasty C and DJ Maphorisa.
  • Local brands have sponsored Tyga’s shows and used his tracks in ads.

Thanks to his diverse musical palette and consistent output, Tyga has cultivated a strong presence in the South African market throughout his decade-plus career. The 18 hit songs above are merely a sample of Tyga’s chart-topping work that continues inspiring South African musicians and delighting South African music fans.